Hayabusa Design has begun it’s activity on Second Life just after the introduction of mesh technology by Linden Lab, around June 2010. At the time, it was clear we needed to develop our own technology to produce 3D object for SL Nature. So we decided, for start, to create an all new software not only for Second Life but for all renders engine work in real time. Of course Second Life offered a very nice platform to test the capacity of this new software. After a first version of this software, we produced two other versions, always on the same concept. The question is now : what is the concept ? In resume, we use massively Bézier curve with fractal algorithm and a new concept of source -> target with specific functions to transform the source into target, through golden number, Bézier curve and fractal.

In June 2011. we were able to produce true 3D plants as trees, flowers, shrubs, and so on for Second Life, the prim cost stayed too high, but always with highest quality. So we decided to create a specific exporter for Second Life itself, and now we can equals in prim cost sculpty trees but we bring an unprecedented realism. And now our software is able to produce organic 3d objects, but not only, with many levels of details for real time render engine and photo realistic render engine.

Hayabusa Design is the name of our activity in Second Life. We had decided to use SL as main platform for test plants produce for real time render engine. We make test on Unity 3D too. After this, we begun to sell Nature objects on Second Life, step by step. And, we feel a true pleasure to share our creations in Second Life. 

The team of Hayabusa Design shares a same passion for 3D design, especially in nature area. The team is completed and work very nicely. And, to say the true, we truely enjoy to work together. There are 3 designers behind the Hayabusa brand;

Mitsuko Kytori: Designer of final products, create texture and help on the software development.
Motoko Oanomochi: Developer of the software 3D&Dreams, designer of 3D models.

Hiroshi Seoung: Great Helper and bring a fantastic support for mathematics problem.

So far we have produced more than 1300 models, 1500 textures and many thousands of final products.

Some of the products we create are natural object, special fractal or mathematical products. Also mesh outfits templates, because Mitsuko and Motoko find a great joy in these creations, and sometimes it is good to make a change from natural objects. 
Skin and eyes too, because Mitsuko have a high skill to make this type of item, and it is good to have human part in the stock of items.

We make big effort to offer realism, precision and high quality textures, with an artistic touch. On top of that, we can produce any natural shape so we bring the largest diversity of plants geometry.

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