Saturday, December 14, 2013

New release - Winter trees, unique and highly detailed products for your virtual gardens

Designers from Hayabusa Design created some amazing highly detailed trees for our winter gardens! You can find winter Pendula tree, Large tree, Pine conifer tree, Elegant, Maple and Birch tree, in several versions and prices!

Winter pendula tree has 8 prims and comes linked from 3 different parts which can be unlinked to give you the opportunity to play with them and create your own versions of this tree! Each part has its own perfect botanical approach and it is the most realistic one you can find in a 3D virtual world.

The product can be bought in 2 versions; as copy and modify or as modify and transfer. For a detailed explanation please take a look at the marketplace shop

You can also visit our in-world location and see the tree

This is winter Pine conifer tree with only 6 prims and copy/modify permissions.

Simply named Winter large tree, because it will dominate your whole garden!, this perfectly shaped tree will leave you breathless. With only 14 prims and unlimited redesigning options this product is one of my favorites from this release. Make sure you check it out!

Elegant tree was my favorite from the previous release because of its unique and soft look! Everything you need from the tree is packed in 15 prims that will make all your neighbours turn green :D The trunk has the most realistic design you have seen, the leaves are decreasing in size as you move along the branches and each one has its own specific foliage. This is heavy detail in all its beauty!

Winter would be nothing without the Maple tree and this famous gentleman has decided to show up for this release and once again spoil your gardens with his beautiful appearance. Only 9 prims for this huge version leaves you enough room to play with and adjust to whatever you need since it is delivered with copy and modify permissions.

Another Pine conifer tree on the marketplace and in-world shop and this one has only 2 prims! Be careful please, this is a 30 meters giant tree and if you decide to decorate it as a Christmas tree make sure to buy thousands of lamps and teleport all your friends to help you.

Now this tree has brought their friends too so I will post photos so you can find them easier:)

I believe this is a brother giant from the Pine tree we just met and it will come to you as big as you can imagine, linked from 2 parts and with 5 prims, you can reduce the prim count by removing the mesh base trunk and it will leave you only 2 prims, as the one above! Copy and modify permissions.

Winter pine tree with broad leaves is the last from giants and will be delivered as 9 prims version. You can keep or remove the base trunk and it will leave you with only 3 prims. This tree can be bought with copy and modify or modify and transfer permissions.

Winter birch tree with high density foliage comes as copy and modify and with 12 prims in very big size. Created with 3D&Dreams Software this tree is the last of this release, highly detailed and realistic look, each branch is different and with its own specific foliage.

As all Hayabusa Design products, these also can be offered with full permissions, per request.

If you need a demostration, help or have any questions don't hesitate to contact the designer, Motoko Oanomochi.