Thursday, October 31, 2013

Full perm kimono by Hayabusa Design, an unique mesh creation

We made a new line of kimono, original kimono with a true design for neck with or without sleeves  This is an unique, full perm mesh creation with seamless texture that matches perfectly on all sides. Simple kimono as a yukata without sleeve with a light obi.

The goal is to purpose a perfect base for designer with a perfect uvmap very easy to use, it doesn't come with the texture used in this photo but the base is enough and fine by itself and be completed realy easily by designer.

Hayabusa Design creators offer their assistance in making your texture seamless, simply contact Motoko Oanamochi and she will transform your own texture to fit perfectly with the kimono.

The texture fits perfectly on all sides!

If interested check the item in the shop. And here is the link to TOS for mesh templates.